Carpet Cleaning

Night Owl’s certified technicians; use truck mounted,hot water extract, otherwise known as steam cleaning. This is the most powerful cleaning  method,and it is recommended by all leading  carpet manufactures.

Truck Mounted

Our  specialties at Night Owl include : Scothgard,  Red stain  and Wine stain Removal,pet urine treatments and blood removal. The average drying time is 4-8 hours.

Before  steam cleaning your carpet, it is important to remember to vacuum first, as well as to remove all small items from floor and tables ect.

By cleaning your carpet with steam ;

  • The heat helps kill most household bacterias, allergens, and dust mits.
  • Steam cleaning removes pet dander, outside pollens, grease & oils and deeply embedded dirt.
  • High heat will clean more effectively and require less soap to clean carpet.
  • Finally, steam cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet ( Carpet Manufacturer recommend cleaning your carpet every 12  to 18 months.).